My pizza adventures:

I started baking pizzas when I was 13 years of age, helping out my father after school and on weekends at the pizza shop. I started from the bottom, as the little guy in the back kitchen washing dishes, making tomato sauce from fresh tomatoes, which I balanced out with fresh herbs and spices, making the daily pizza dough, and cutting fresh veggies. At the age of 14, I was promoted to pizza maker on the front line.

I’m a second generation pizza maker following my father who learned to make pizzas in Italy in the late ‘60s. Bringing his pizza knowledge to Sweden in the early ‘70s, he is one of the first 20 people to start a pizza shop in Sweden. Today, there are over 4000+ pizza shops in Sweden.

Pizza is my greatest passion so I decided to expand my pizza knowledge by competing in the World Pizza Championships in Las Vegas. My idea was simple. Don’t focus too heavily on winning and take it as a learning experience. I wanted to see what the rest of the world was up to. I never thought I would win, but I was lucky and got 1st place in the World . It was one of the best moments in life!


2004 Graduated from Culinary Chef School.

2010 -2015 Prepare food for VIP Room at the Copenhagen Airport. The VIP room is not for celebrity use. Only for royal families and government officials from around the world.

2011 International Pizza Challenge-World Pizza Championships, Traditional Pizza Category – 1st place winner in the World!( World Champion Pizza Chef )

2012 Denmark Nordic Cooking Event Theme (5 weeks) – Celebrity TV Chefs cooking (Jacob De Neergaard, Timm Vladeimir-Master Chef Winner, Adam Aamann, Thomas Rode) I worked part-time with all of them.

2013 International Pizza Challenge-World Pizza Championships, Traditional Pizza Category – 2nd place World recipe based on American products.

2013-2015 Worked in Denmark for restaurant Le sommelier owned by the legendary Francis Cardenas which has been awarded 2 Michelin Stars.

2013 Denmark Nordic Cooking Theme Event (5 weeks) – Michelin Chefs arrive to Pop Up Restaurant and offers Michelin quality food prepared with local high quality ingredients right before the customer’s eyes. (Mikkel Marshall, David Johansen – Master Chef Judge, Thomas Rode, and myself as management role chef). The theme event won a gold medal award for Best Pop Up Restaurant from all the airports from around the world.

2013 Consulting for Claus Meyer and his team, ideas and recipes for pizza (Claus Meyer the owner of NOMA which has won World Best Restaurant 3 times in a row and has 3 Michelin stars).

2014 Denmark Nordic Cooking Theme Event (4 weeks) – TV Chef and creative social cooking (Bo Lindegaard and Lasse Askov) as Management and Front of the Line chef.

2014 Claus Meyer – New Pizza Development (3 day event). Claus asked me to manage and develop new pizza ideas together with him for his Pizza Event. We even had a pizza work shop for children. It was super popular! The children got to bake pizzas for their parents and received diplomas signed by Claus and myself. The diplomas also stated that the children were now official Pizza Makers. It was a true honor to work with Claus. He is real cool guy!

2014 Consulting for the biggest frozen pizza industry in Scandinavia (Grandiose) – New ideas for 2015 frozen industry.

2014 Became one of the Founders of the Swedish Pizza Association.

2014 Became Founder and the Team Coach of the Swedish National Celebrity Pizza Makers (Svenska Pizzalandslaget).

2014 Live pizza show for the radio station P3, it was an out of the box idea where they wanted me to make a pizza without using a pizza oven. I successfully presented a live pizza making show without an oven to bake for the radio station.

2014 PMQ Magazine – picked as Scandinavian Pizza expert in the field.

2014 Pizza Today Magazine, I was 1 of 20 selected Pizza Chefs from around the world to be part of the menu guide.

2015 Pizza Today Magazine, I was chosen to be part of the menu guide for 2015. It was a great honor.

2012-2016 Judged the Swedish Pizza Championships, local and regional championships, with celebrity TV chefs such as Tommy Myllymäk who won the gold medal in a European Chef Championship, Tom Sjöstedt-TV Chef, Malin Söderström-TV Chef, Ulrika Bridling-TV4 the Best Organic Chef, Kristen Dahl-Gold Medal in the World Chef Championships, and it was hosted by Ulf Elfving-Radio legend and Edward Blom-TV Chef.

2015-Judged the Scandinavian Pizza Championship in Denmark, with Tanja Tomic and Gorm Wiwesh-TV Chef and a Pizza Icon in Denmark.

2015 Became a proud member of the World Pizza Champions Team run by the Legendary Tony Gemignani multi World Pizza Champion, a true inspiration in the pizza industry and to me.

2015 Was one of the lucky judges to judge The World Pizza Championship in Italy -Parma a 2-day event, many Italian pizza icons and TV Chefs were part of the judging. Over 650 pizza makers came from the around the world to compete. Very good experience and very nice to be able to taste pizza from all over the world. This experience enrichened my knowledge in the pizza culture and it has expanded new ideas for taste and flavors.

2015 Judged the Chinese Pizza Championships for (3-day event in Shanghai).

2015 Live pizza baking show for the Swedish radio station P4. Presented the famous Volcano Pizza live on air and a small document clip was made from the show by the station.

2015-2016 Head Chef for Scandinavians most popular pizza shop, known as the million-dollar pizza shop due to monthly pizza sales being around a Million dollars. I was part of this project and helped design the kitchen layout for efficient work area and presented great ideas on how to increase sales with add on menu items, put together Scandinavians best pizza team to help run the pizza shop. I also handled the scheduling and training program. I screened and recruited new employees who had the experience to deal with a busy store. The team and I set up the whole concept with portion control (grams).

2016 Made Sweden´s first black dough pizza for the media channel called Malmo24 TV. The media wanted something that Sweden has never done yet, and that’s where I showed the Swedish public the new trendy black dough from Italy.

2016 One of the Judges for the World Pizza Championships in Italy -Parma (3-day event, Italy). 650 pizza makers came to the Championship from all over the world, it was a true honor to be a judge. It was a great event to meet other passionate pizza makers like myself.

2016 Judged the Chinese Pizza Championships for 3 days in Shanghai for the Chinese Pizza Magazine PMQ.

2016 Judged the Russian Pizza Championship for 3 days in Moscow.

2016 Founder for the first Swedish Pizza Championship Tours called Pizza Master Cup(Pizza Champion Cup). Pizza Master Cup is an official Swedish selection event for the World Pizza Championship in Italy. Pizza Master Cup(Pizza Champion Cup  (The winners from Sweden) will win a trip to Italy to the World Pizza Championships finals.

2017 One of the judges for 3 days at World Pizza championships culinary pizza show in Italy.

2017  Was One of six lucky Pizza Chef from the world to be featured in the itlay pizza trend magazine (Pizza e Pasta Italina) with recpeies from Sweden.

2017 Helped one of China's biggest pizza chain stores ( 82 pizza shops) with the pizza menu ideas and menu marketing . A live show on stage with presentation was made for the menu in front of 300 people in China.

2017 Pizza Champion Cup Tour Sweden .From Malmö-Göteborg to Stockholm on Tour looking for Sweden´s best pizzamakers .

2017 Judged the Shanghai Pizza Championships for 3 days in China at the largest restaurant expo show.

2018 On Tour with Pizza Champion Cup Championships 2018 From  Stockholm -Göteborg looking for the best of the best pizza makers in Sweden

2018  Judged for the Italian World Pizza Championships in Parma . 738 pizza makers came to the Championship from all over the world, it was a great inspiration to taste pizza from all parts of the world.

2018 Was a pizza judge at the International Pizza Challenge at LAS VEGAS  during the world´s greatest pizza show called Pizza Expo .

2018  3 days Kids Pizza School at Skånes Matfestivalen ( age 3-15). Teaching how to Baking pizzas with fresh dough and fresh ingredients. A successful event. The parents and the kids were very happy and involved in learning and baking at the same time.

2018 Found new ECO  green way to bake pizza. Baking with the heat of the sun!(Solar pizza baking with Swedish sun)

2018 Helped the national radio with a fundrasing by auctioning of a pizza made be me, all the money broth in went to helping people that needed a little extra help.

2019  pizza judge at the International Pizza Challenge at LAS VEGAS  during the world´s greatest pizza show.

2019  Judged for the Itailan world pizza championships in Parma. 784 pizza makers toke part for the competition.

2019 Judged the  European Pizza championships in London.

2019 During the European Pizza Championships in London I was honored to be awarded  as a International Judge title plaque.


Creator and founder Pizza World Association 

Pizza World  Association is a non-profit organization aiming to bring together, Pizzeria owner ,Pizza Chefs  and restaurant professionals such as: Executive Pizza Chefs, Sous Chefs, Pastry Chefs, Caterers, Wine Sommeliers, Purchasing Managers, Caterers, Food & Beverage Officers, Culinary Pizza School Educators, Gourmets, Gourmands, and the like, regardless of nationality.


Starting up Denmarks first offical national pizza championships  at Food Expo. This championship will be called Pizza Champion Cup Danmark .


Starting up  Norways first offical national pizza championships . This championship will be called Pizza Champion Cup Norway.

Upcoming Prebooked Events for beginning of 2023

Judge- Italy Parma 

Judge- Las Vegas 

Judge -Pizza world Championship Rimini

Judge -Sweden

 *Available for consulting services in the pizza industry. 

Restaurant and Concept Building

I have been part of building 9 pizza shops from the ground up in USA, Sweden, Denmark, and in Budapest. I have learned to read blueprints as well as to carry out basic electrical work.

*Basic understanding in plumbing

*Basic understanding in ventilation

*Basic understanding for building permits and codes, (e.g., Handicap rules, fire permit rules, etc.)

*Full understanding in restaurant machines and have a wide knowledge in choosing the right equipment and restaurant furniture.

*Carry out basic carpentry work (e.g., put wood or tile floors, and paint.)

*Create menus from for the pizza shop, even seasonal menus.

*Team building, training staff, and hiring.

*Schedule a routine for the shop.

*Wide range of marketing ideas.

*Build new brands (i.e., from concept) with logos and design.



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and alot more medias around the world